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The evolution and application of weighing sensor in mechanical lever scale in the transformation of electronic weighing apparatus
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The evolution and application of weighing sensor in mechanical lever scale in the transformation of electronic weighing apparatus
The transformation of the original lever scale into electromechanical electronic scale will have practical significance in quite a long period of time.For, on a national scale, there are the following realities that cannot be changed in the short term.
(1) The industrial and mining enterprises have a large number of normal use of the mechanical weighing equipment, it is necessary to continue maintenance and use, from the economic ability to consider, can not be discarded.
(2) Less investment in a mechanical scale.For example, a 500kg mechanical scale costs several hundred yuan, while an electronic weighing machine costs four to five thousand yuan.
(3) and in contrast to this, for mechanical weighing, general factories or local metrological departments have a mature technical maintenance team, mature verification regulations, there are a number of finalized products to choose from.
Therefore, the application of weighing sensor to transform the original mechanical scale for electromechanical electronic scale, has the advantages of convenience, cheap and so on, its specific advantages have the following advantages.
(1) As long as the purchase of a 150kg~30Okg weighing sensor, a digital display intelligent weighing instrument and the processing of the upper and lower two simple pull rod, the electronic weighing device can achieve the basic weighing functions: automatic recording, rapid weighing.Suitable for the economic affordability of most enterprises.
(2) Suitable for most industrial and mining enterprises to measure the original technical level of personnel, easy to be digested and accepted.Even if the electronic weighing system fails, or the power goes out suddenly, the weighing can be carried out immediately.The enterprise does not look back, and can be used to make operators
There is a learning and training process for electronic weighing apparatus.
(3) the transformation time is short, if make full preparations in advance, can complete all the transformation work, and can carry on the machine, electric self-calibration comparison.
Electromechanical scale is a simple, easy and economical way to realize weighing automation under the current situation. It is the first step of the transition from mechanical scale to full electronic scale.
However, the electromechanical scale retains the multi-set lever system of the mechanical weighing apparatus, so it also retains some of the disadvantages of the mechanical weighing apparatus.Maintenance workload and maintenance costs are large, the year-end overhaul to a large number of knife repair, replacement.Its cost, expenditure amounts to thousands of yuan.The manufacturing process of mechanical scale is complicated and consumes a lot of manpower.The economic benefit of the mechanical weighing factory is far worse than that of the electronic weighing factory, so it can only be regarded as a transition in the process of technological updating.
The selection of sensor structure and range is the key to the success of the transformation.For DZH type ground balance with the maximum weighing of 5t to 40T, the ground force at the gravity point of the force transfer lever is between 46~162kg after several groups of levers are transferred.Considering the weight of the weighing platform, the weight of the lever, overload, impact and other factors, the range of the sensor is between 100-400kg, for such a range of the sensor, the best structural scheme is the double-pass sensor.However, attention should be paid to the sensor seal requirements and range selection.Moisture intrusion and small range selection are the main reasons for the failure of many renovation works.